Sword Master Story Mod APK 4.2.465

The story is set in a kingdom filled with magic. Where there are thousands of heroes possessing the power of the gods. Of course, coexisting with the heroes is an evil group that only wants to profit, always planning to take over the whole kingdom. Are you strong enough to stop them? Download Sword Master Story android and answer this question.

About Sword Master Story apk

The game belongs to the pure fantasy genre. Where you will have to fight the bad guys appearing everywhere, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. To overcome it all, you will play as a hero. A place where you can fully gather the potential power of magic, magic, and mystical summoned beasts. Of course, side by side with you will be a group of heroes with diverse strengths who are always ready to rush to protect justice.

The game takes the main mechanism of the Idle series of games, mixing the extremely classic and attractive Hack and Slash style. Not to mention the image of the game is sketched in a very manga Fantasy way that will surely make many gamers love the culture of the country of Cherry Blossoms.

Attractive gameplay, simple

The game mainly emphasizes tactics, so the game control is considered to be extremely simple. When participating in the game, the system will give you a brief introduction so that you can understand the basic functions of an interesting fantasy game. From the next screen on, you will be immersed in fiery battles. Use the keys arranged on the screen such as Joystick, passive skills, active skills and combine the squad properly, you will surely be surprised.

The game has very interesting item collection mechanics, in addition to the pitfalls and enemies that stand in the way. The more you play to a higher level, the more enemies will become and the resources will become diverse for you to choose from.

Diverse game modes

Not only highly tactical, the gameplay of the game has many interesting modes waiting for you to explore, including: Dungeon copy, basic mode, boss monster, guild solo, elite level,. . . Definitely going to be a lot more diverse. Depending on the mode, you will receive the corresponding items. From basic things like gold, experience, resources,. . . Until the items with rare qualities that few people own. All blend into a game with high competition, secret and extremely attractive.

Massive character system.

Strong enemies, unique gameplay is definitely indispensable for a diverse character system. To complete the levels in the game. The game owns more than 40 characters arranged by strength synthesis, all of which are female, fiery and strong. Each warrior has his own set of skills, his own parameters and, of course, a variety of beauty. Depending on the tactics of each team, the squad of gamers can be up to thousands, from which we can freely change any character, in order to come up with the most effective plan.

In addition, each character has a separate armory, each time wearing the stats will be a little more favored. These external warehouses are mainly earned through resources such as: fighting, buying with real money, being rewarded, gift code, . . . And if you don’t know where to find it easily, download our latest version of Sword Master Story to get a full version of the skins for free without changing the fun of the game.

Diverse resource system

The resources of the game are divided into 3 types, weapons to increase power, resources to upgrade stats and resources to raise fame. With a resource type of weapon, the game owns 50 different weapons, with hundreds of stats. Each character has a main weapon, if the right combination will activate charm and directly increase the strength of the character.

With the resource type to upgrade the index, is gold, Coin, . . . These types of resources are mainly obtained in the extras when you complete the quest. They act as an indirect upgrade to buy items such as formations, magic formations, and basic stats. In addition, you can completely load to earn this type of resource.

Finally, a resource to raise fame. This type can only be obtained in special PVP modes such as clan clone, boss sever, Pvp. . . They act as something that will give you the necessary stats to gain fame like titles. Cannot be purchased, can only be earned by participating in battle.

Graphics and sound

The game has the advantage of taking advantage of all the best of the Hack n Slash series mixed with Idle. The game will apply the drawing and animation of the extremely unique 3d Anime world. The battle effect is so realistic that it is shimmering. The map is diverse with many details like a Japanese Manga. When fighting, the character’s shape blends with the background music will surely immerse you in the fiery battles.


Hopefully, through this article, you have got yourself a game that you feel like in the Fantasy series. tÒ h is a new breeze, where you can completely make yourself have extremely interesting experiences.

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