My Boy Mod APK 2.0.6

Technology develops, a lot of games are released today especially with fashion technology, but to own the game, the player has to spend a lot of money, not to mention having to buy a PS which is not cheap. But here, with the My Boy apk application, players can play all the games right on your mobile phone.

What is My Boy apk?

My Boy apk is an emulator application for mobile, with outstanding features this application supports players to the maximum in playing games, especially the legendary game boy series associated with the childhood of many people. gamers around the world.

Developed for more than 10 years, My Boy is now known as the oldest surviving game console until now. In addition to being an emulator, it is also a support tool to speed up the efficiency and frequency of playing mobile games, especially Xbox and PlayStation games, to make the player experience smoother.

Attached to the childhood of many gamers

As a true game lover, you probably already know the fun childhood games like Pokemon, Pikachu, Mario… All are quite familiar, it stretches across the younger generations. With an extremely simple gameplay, it also gives players a wonderful childhood experience.

my boy

But to play those games is very difficult now, but here it is different, with My Boy apk you can play a lot of the games you want, with this application will bring you back many years. Before, when you were in good shape with many special memories and many records in the game, now you can recreate history once again.

Outstanding Features

Fast, smooth experience: My Boy mobile simulates very fast and especially while the player experience will never feel lag as well as excessive FPS drop, ensuring absolute stability for users.

Compatible with all games: As the name suggests, it can play all games smoothly whether PlayStation titles or even legendary PC titles.

Keyboard: My Boy online provides players with virtual keyboards that are not numeric keys, inspired by game players so that players can play any game in the most comfortable way.

Support external connection: With multi-point support port, users can use with any external control connection port, especially will not affect the experience.

Seamless, friendly interface: Downloading the latest version of My Boy, players will enjoy an intuitive and enhanced interface, enhanced performance in terms of image quality and special keys. . In addition, the application is designed to be very simple, easy to get used to even if you are a newbie.

Patch ROM: Users can patch themselves with their games, and the memory handles the file splitting jobs to help users control their mobile games more quickly.

Completely free: Currently with the version available on Google play, players will have to pay a certain fee, but with the version here, players will be able to own this application completely for free.

Tilt support: My Boy online not only supports players on virtual keys, but also supports games that need a typical left-right tilt such as FPS racing games.

my boy

Battery saving: Because the application runs in the background on the live performance of the mobile phone, users will not have to worry about battery consumption.

Using codes: The point that many of you expect the most, with a combination of external codes that help users to play all the games amazingly, moreover, there is also auto click.

Safety and security: Without a doubt, if it is not safe, how can this application develop until now, with a lifespan of more than 10 years, but not once the application has been compromised by any? This says it all, so feel free to use it.


Are you looking for a way to play childhood games or just want to find yourself an emulator application to be able to play games well on your mobile phone, My Boy Free will be a great choice for you. for you. Simple, easy-to-use interface along with a lot of completely fast technology features ensure that users will play legendary games in the most perfect way.

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