Hills of Steel Mod APK 5.5.2

Hills of Steel is a shooting game, the most addictive battle tank for Android operating system. If you are a lover of action games, especially for Android mobile, you want to test your tank control skills, feel the use of the most advanced modern weapons, go to Hills of Steel.

About Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel is a fighting game that many young people are interested in today. It attracts millions of views and is free to download to mobile phones and other devices on different Android and IOS software platforms. This game makes the dream of controlling battle tanks come true.

In the game, players will choose a tank from a variety of vehicles provided to prepare to face the race through the rugged mountains and enemy attacks with the most advanced equipment, from armor, guns to the engines. You will make use of weapons, missiles on your tank along with intelligence based on terrain factors to win the match. At the same time, when fighting with players will give you experience to open different cars in the game.

When you come to Hills of Steel, you will find that there are many attractive features waiting for you. Completing each level, players will have the opportunity to open many new tank models, upgrade and improve the version of the tank they use. This upgrade helps the tank to move quickly, the bullets are strong, the damage is great, and the defense of the tank is also faster.

Hills of Steel’s distinctive 2D graphics

One great thing about Hills of Steel is that the 2D graphics are animated, fun, and colorful. Bringing in the graphic nature of unique and friendly game genres, Hills of Steel has been very skillful in designing to create its own impression.

The beautiful images drawn up such as houses, fields, and mountains in the game create a friendly, close feeling and bring a new but familiar feeling to the player. You will drive the tank across soaring mountainous terrains or icy snowy hills, desolate deserts parched due to drought. In addition, you also have to fight with planes from enemy troops attacking in the sky.

Hills of Steel action game play

Gameplay in Hills of Steel

An action game on the mobile platform, Hills of Steel offers simple gameplay, easy to play even for beginners, you just need to read the instructions and you can play proficiently and professionally. Karma.

Enter the world of tank battle games, you will sit on the vehicle and control them like professional warriors trained to fight the enemy. There are many tasks that you have to perform during the game and you must remember that if you win, there will be many valuable gifts for you. Here you will be provided with a lot of tanks with different designs and control modes, you can choose to make your game. However, to use the best tanks, you must own a lot of bonuses to buy.

Upgraded tank system

Hills of Steel allows players to use many good tanks with many different functions to fight, such as Crobat, Joker, Titan, Phoenix, Reaper … each tank is equipped with different types of weapons. own weapons from basic cannons in simple form or multi-barreled guns to the most modern weapons of today such as stun guns or laser guns.

Tanks are also programmed for mobility and high and low damage. It allows the player to deal damage to reach the target. There is also another strategy that is currently being played popularly, which is to use a close-up tank and bomb or play “hand to hand” with the enemy.

There are also “upgrades”, which allow tanks to use special skills to assist you in battle such as bombing, placing mines, self-healing, etc. Currently, each type of tank has upgrades. different and you are the one who chooses to upgrade to a higher level, increase strength, increase resistance to enemy attacks. It will be a great experience for you when in the game there are many upgraded tank models.

Outstanding features of Hills of Steel

There are many features included in the game such as destruction, upgrading, adventure, entertainment … one of the special features that help players upgrade their tank is the Shop. In order to upgrade, players need to have pieces of materials suitable for the type of vehicle. The shop also provides chests that contain this material.


You’ve always dreamed of driving a tank but haven’t been able to, come to Hills of Steel. It allows you to experience everything completely for free. It’s great, quickly download it right away!

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