Going Balls Mod APK 1.55

When participating in this exciting Vietnamese Hoa Going Balls game, you will experience exciting feelings. Control a marble with fast speed over obstacles and go on complex terrains. Your journey will be determined by whether your ball control skills are mature in terms of how high your concentration is to avoid obstacles.

Introducing Going Balls For Android

Not owning an interesting gameplay like shooting role-playing games, nor carrying a realistic graphic to life, these Going Balls APK games give players an extremely unique gameplay. make the player attractive.

Free going balls gameplay

This game is only encapsulated in a round marble, your task is to control the marble so that it can overcome all obstacles and go through all the different terrains and reach the destination safely. whole. It sounds simple, but when playing this Going Balls Online game, you need to own skills such as control and concentration to be able to control the marbles accurately. Your manipulation needs to be agile, accurate because the speed of the marble is extremely fast and if you want to win, you must not neglect any moment.

Your control of the ball will depend on your swipe up or down. You need to keep it going on a safe area and not falling down, this requires a lot of experience as well as your skills. After completing a trip and reaching the destination, you will receive a lot of rewards including gold coins.

Various maps in Going Balls Mobile

In this game Going Balls For Android there are many maps. If you feel that playing on a single map is too boring and nothing special, for this game you have a lot of choices. Conquering all the maps is your task.

Each map has its own characteristics, and it also has a certain difficulty and increases in order. To be able to conquer all the basic copper in this Going Balls Mobile game, you need to own a lot of skills.

Going Balls’ variety of marbles APK

In addition to having a variety of maps in the game, there are also a variety of marbles to avoid boredom. You can change any marbles you like. In nature there are many staff members for your reference and use. You can also change it to the color it looks like. After each successful completion of the mission, you will receive money for yourself and at that time you can use this gold to be able to buy new, more beautiful stones.

Owning a marble with an eye-catching color along with a unique map will give players an interesting and attractive feeling when playing. You will no longer feel bored like other games with the same theme.

No age limit in Going Balls APK

This is an extremely interesting game with attractive gameplay. The special thing about this Free going balls game is that there are no trips that do not carry any violence, so you can comfortably play this game without worrying about age restrictions.

Whether you are a 3-year-old child or a grown-up middle-aged person, you can play the game comfortably.


The above are some of the special features that make the game speak so attractively as the words of many players, but there are also many other features that make this Going Balls For Android game so special. You can Download Going Balls Latest Version and try this game that promises to bring you moments of fun.

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