Getting Over It Mod APK 1.9.6

Getting Over it has extremely simple graphics, the gameplay is not as dramatic as many other strategy games. But the attraction that Getting Over It brings is not inferior to any super game.

Introduction to the Game Getting over it

Getting Over It is also known by its Vietnamese name, Climbing Jars or Climbing with a Hammer. The game is becoming the hottest title in recent times, not only with the gaming community but also across the social networking community.

Getting Over It was released on October 7, 2017, created by Bennett Foddy. Initially released on PC and Smartphone, Getting Over It was little known. But when the famous YouTuber Pewdiepie reviewed and played, the game became known and spread widely to hundreds of millions of plays around the world.

Getting Over It supports both Windows and Mac computer platforms. Especially for Windows you will need Windows Vista or later with at least 2GB of RAM and 2GB of memory space.

This is a completely free game for players. The most powerful test of independence and patience ever. The game is fun and funny, with simple gameplay, the only task of Getting Over It is to incarnate and control a guy named Diogenes who is naked trapped in a large iron jar, helping him climb up. a tall rocky mountain.

There will be a friendly voice greeting when the game starts. That is the voice of Bennett Foddy – the creator of this game.

The only thing you have is a sledgehammer that you carry and move forward. Besides the humor, Game Getting Over It also brings inhibitions not inferior to Flappy Bird. The road of the game is not flat but rough, blocked by big rocks, big old trees, you have to climb over the mountain with a sledgehammer that is difficult to move to find your lost pants.

The hammer will act as a solid fulcrum to be able to bounce up the obstacles. How to move the mouse in a circle to create a high jump for the man to be able to jump over the barrier.

Sometimes the hand slipped and fell continuously without anything to hold on, maybe even falling to the original starting point. At this point, Bennett will comfort and encourage the player to continue.

Sometimes the game will give some important hints such as climbing over a difficult position. Sometimes it evokes philosophical topics, human and world views.

To be able to move safely through obstacles requires a lot of factors from skill, agility, agility, accurate judgment.

However, Getting Over It also supports players. For example, thanks to the paddle in the road, which is used as a fulcrum to climb on the massive high cliff or hook a hammer to a tree branch, cliff, etc. to go as far as possible.

The essentials when playing Game Over it

Game Over it online requires players to use hammers to overcome obstacles. Therefore, whether moving the mouse is fast or slow plays an important role. It can help players easily control or hinder.

You need to focus when playing, because if you are distracted for a few minutes, you can fall back to the original starting point.

When faced with a difficult situation, do not give up but calmly handle it.

What’s more special, to play the game really well, it requires regular practice to get used to the game mechanics and learn from experience next time.

And finally, the necessary rest when feeling stressed, tired. Give your wrists and mind a break after a game-focused time.

How to download Game Getting Over it for free

Step 1: Extract the Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy game file named

Step 2: Open the extracted folder and then launch the file GettingOverIt.exe. When you click on Settings, you will come to the game setup interface such as full screen mode, image quality, sound adjustment or game host, …

It can be seen that the game interface is extremely simple, without many graphic effects like other games. We will use the mouse to control the character in the game.

While playing, if you want to exit the game, press the Esc button. The game adjustment screen appears, with a Quit button to exit the game, an Apply button to save the new changes and a Resume button to return.

With a simple game, the graphics are not too special, but it has created a worldwide fever, with tens of millions of downloads in just a few days. To answer this question, what are you waiting for without immediately downloading Getting over it to your phone.

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