Epic Battle Simulator 2 APK 1.6.45

Epic Battle Simulator 2 APK game attracts gamers with an attractive and extremely stimulating storyline. Gamers will play the role of warriors, forming an army to fight the enemy. Gamers should know how to use skills, reasonable techniques and accurate impulses to defeat the enemy. Each level can have completely different missions, and gamers should complete these missions to defeat the enemy. This helps gamers to better grasp the combat maneuvers of motion role-playing sports.

About Epic Battle Simulator 2 Online

Rappid Studios is the publisher of the latest version of Epic Battle Simulator 2 download. A famous game studio specializing in creating entertaining games. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is available to play and download for free. The game will fit most phones on the market due to its small size.

Is a strategy game with a beautiful 3D background. Players will enjoy scenes with multi-dimensional perspectives. Strategy games always give players a feeling of hands-free. You simply need to organize your army properly. Then see what the warrior has to offer the opponent. It is not necessary to spend all your time on the phone. Take advantage of what this game has to offer.

Exciting gameplay in downloading Epic Battle Simulator 2 for Android

Many mission-building video games with alternative challenges. The main activity of the game is to defeat the invading enemy and regain the battle. The higher you go, the more difficult the tasks are, requiring gamers to take advantage of their abilities, observe and prepare troops to defeat the enemy, win trophies, common weapons and complete tasks in the screen. Brand new play.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Download is a game that has received a lot of praise from gamers for how to build an easy gameplay, extremely stimulating, with bold characteristics of a fighting game. The attraction here is that this game offers gamers a better-than-expected exploration experience, multiple challenges in a row, and fighting various enemies on the battlefield.

The characters in the free download of Epic Battle Simulator 2 will change their strength and talent when equipped with armor, weapons, and a completely different form of combat. Then, as participants gather more weapons, gadgets, and acquire more highly effective troops, it can greatly enhance combat flexibility.

The combat terrain is extremely diverse

With the task of defending its territory, each army can have completely different forces and weapons. A highlight in the construction scene is the battlefield on many alternative terrains such as deserts, rugged mountains, many dark organized battlefields ready for gamers to explore.

You will gradually uncover all the mysteries of this battle by gathering troops, using soldiers and overcoming traps in this action game. The longer you stay alive, the higher your chances of winning, and of course, you will progress to much higher levels.

Graphics and sound are invested quite well

The model of the game Epic Battle Simulator APK is still thick lines and large blocks of color, but some costumes and armor styles in colors seem more vivid than before, reducing the feeling of monotony. . Likewise, only having to wait until the screen moves to know some of the details of the 3D effect, the game itself has shown itself to be a “simulator”.

Unlike the previous installment, there are only 14 of the weapons available in the game, plus two epic pay-to-enter titles, resulting in a mismatched mix of gameplay and perspective as well. default view.

The music of the game is much more realistic than the previous part, but still runs throughout the background music loop of the whole song.

Big upgrade compared to the first version

Compared to the previous number of 120, Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mobile can challenge the level of clearance up to 134, and the changes in battlefield climate and terrain are also much richer than before, higher stamina to play on all maps even the most difficult.


If you played the first part, Epic Battle Simulator 2 APK is a welcome upgrade. This is where you can show your thinking ability, organize your army and devise your tactics. Enemies are many and ferocious. Let’s find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible!

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