Brain Out Mod APK 2.2.7

BRAIN OUT APK does not follow a conventional answer line when most of the questions test your creativity. The game is really trick when not following the logic but you can also evade the answer. You need to be creative and think about the details that you doubt. This helps you increase your ability to decode the brain-damaging question. Experience it right away when searching for BRAIN OUT DOWNLOAD!

Introducing BRAIN OUT APK

The game gives you challenging questions with unique and shocking answers. To answer these questions, you need to combine logical thinking, memorization and creativity to come up with impossible answers. Coming from the publisher Focus Apps, this puzzle game is receiving the love of players with a rich and regularly updated question system.

This is really an interesting game, to help you entertain and relieve stress in your spare time. The gameplay in BRAIN OUT APK is simply giving the answer to each question to get through the door. Nothing is impossible if you are really creative and willing to break the rules. So can you really answer the tough questions? DOWNLOAD BRAIN OUT for FREE to challenge yourself!

Game mode

BRAIN OUT ONLINE with a crazy game mode, when your target only needs to answer the question to pass the level. The game mode is very simple, accessible to you of any age. However, the conundrum and the fact that you are constantly being cheated are inevitable.

Time for each level is unlimited, giving you time to think before giving your answer. The publisher is really smart when it doesn’t pressure you to solve puzzles in time, thereby providing creative and entertaining experiences. Anyway, it’s more fun to have less wrong answers, isn’t it?

System of questions and suggestions

The game possesses a tough question system but is also very interesting for you to explore and solve. The topics of the questions are also very diverse and different from the usual questions. The publisher is not about testing your knowledge but focusing on your thinking with much more interesting quizzes. So you don’t have common sense to play BRAIN OUT ONLINE. You just need to decipher the riddles by giving utopian thoughts.

There are many hints in the game to help you through these conundrums. When you’re just starting out, the questions you encounter are usually of low difficulty. However, the more you play, the more difficult the question becomes, making you unable to give the answer quickly. At this point, the lifeline for you is the suggestions. There are many ways of suggestions are given for you to easily get the answer, such as deleting information that is not related to the question or pointing out important information… However, the number of suggestions is limited. . You should consider using reasonable hints if you don’t want to run out of hints for more difficult questions.

Simple interface

The interface in the game is quite simple with the main color scheme being black and white. The game mainly focuses on the question content with pictures, giving you the easiest puzzle feeling. Because anyway, challenging your brain and imagination is the goal that the game is about. The interface and layout are beautiful but simple is a plus point in BRAIN OUT APK. This allows you to focus completely on the content of the question without fear of being distracted by other things.

Interesting sounds

There are several in-game audio options that you can choose from, including music, volume, and tone. Simple sound effects keep you distracted and create a comfortable atmosphere to answer tough questions. These effects appear when you take actions or give answers. You can completely turn off sound effects if you feel they distract you. Only with simple installation operations in the setting section that you can customize to suit you.

Support multiple languages

A big advantage is that the game supports multiple languages. You need to correctly understand the question and the hints hidden in the question to be able to give a quick answer. Therefore, supporting many different languages helps you to give the correct answer. You don’t need to manually select the language after DOWNLOADING BRAIN OUT LATEST VERSION, due to the appropriate language selection feature.


BRAIN OUT APK is an intellectual game that challenges players’ thinking and creativity completely for free. Use your thinking, memory and imagination to come up with correct answers. DOWNLOAD BRAIN OUT FOR ANDROID to solve puzzles and know more heavenly but convincing answers right away!

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